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Trail Conditions Update


The Down East Sunrise Trail is snowmobile trail ITS 82

3/31/2014 The Down East SunriseTrail is now closed for mud season until May 15

3/24/2014    Much of the trail has icy conditions and many areas of exposed trail surface. Trail will soon be closed for mud season.

2/25/2014    Icy trail conditions, surface is exposed at Schoodic bog, from Hancock to Jonesboro has not been groomed since last week (groomer broken down for one thing and icy trail conditions from the weekend warm up)  East Machias groomed there section  from Machias to McGeorges crossing at mile 71 the night before last, trail surface is exposed in locations between Machias and East Machias , Mile 71 to Pembroke is in good shape

2/20/2014   received 5 inches of new snow the night before last and 3 inches of snow last night.  trail was groomed from Cherryfield to Hancock and is being groomed from cherryfield to Jonesboro tonight.  Trail was groomed from jonesboro to machias on tuesday. The trail from Machias to Pembroke was also groomed Tuesday night.

2/18/2014   We received 11-16 inches of new light fluffy snow on the trail Saturday night into Sunday, the entire 85 miles has been                      groomed. There is another 3-6 inches of snow predicted for tonight. ITS 81 from sunrise trail to Deblois is being    groomed today. ITS 81 from Deblois to Beddington was groomed yesterday.

2/5/2014      10:00 pm  we have received 6-7 inches of new snow, please remember there is ice under some of this snow on the trail

1/29/2014   Trail conditions same as last post, entire trail has much ice and exposed soils with no snow in sight in forecast

1/16/14   The Down East Sunrise Trail from the parking lot in Washington Junction to Machias has no snow. It is about 60% ice and 40% exposed gravel with very long stretches of completly exposed surface between Franklin and Steuben

UPdate 1/9/14    received a lot of rain on monday leaving the trail in icy conditions.  trail debris clearing has been completed on Sunrise trail with work continuing on local club trails.   ITS 81 has also been cleared of storm debris but is also icy conditions.

Update:1/3/14      Trail was cleared from ice storm debris from Washington Junction Mile 2 to Jonesboro Station Rd Mile 47.  was groomed from WJ to Cherryfield on Sunday night.  from Cherryfield to Jonesboro station Rd yesterday 1/3.  The trail has been cleared from Jonesboro station rd to Whitneyville RT 1A (mile 54 1/2)  clearing still underway from Whitneyville to Machias but is passable. crews are also busy clearing ice storm damage trees east of east machias thru to ayers Junction in pembroke.  3-4 inches of new snow today.


Requesting Special Events on the Down East Sunrise Trail

If your organization would like to sponsor an event, such as a trail ride or fund raiser using the trail. Please download and complete the documents below. These should be returned to:

Please Return Completed Form to:
Charlie Corliss, Sunrise Trail Manager
Maine Department of Conservation
140 Main Street / PO Box 27
Cherryfield, ME 04622
(207) 546-2730

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Special Activities Permit Special Activities Permit
Activites Permit Information Activites Permit Information


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Trail News

Sally Jacobs Award Presentation

Tony Barrett Presents East Coast Greenway Award to Sally Jacobs' daughters Stephanie Jacobs Lull and Jennie Leech.

Sally Jacobs Greets Gov. Baldacci on the Sunrise Trail

Sally Tell All

Sally Jacobs meeting with Governor John Baldacci.

Charlie Corliss Shares in Award

Stephanie and Jennie show the East Coast Greenway Award that will hang in Charlie Corliss Office in Cherryfield.

Celebrating the life of Sally Jacobs, founding member of the Sunrise Trail Coalition and inspiration to us all.

Bangor Daily News Obituary

Bill Green's Maine - Snowmobiling on the Down East Sunrise Trail (January 19, 2013)


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August 23, 2005 Trail Kickoff

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